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NFL's Supplemental Draft Date Released; Rumors Abound

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Even after the frenzied periods of free agency and the annual NFL Draft, some teams feel that they still have needs to fill. While those teams can scrounge for the scraps that remain in the undrafted rookie free agent pool and the few quality veteran free agents left on the market, some prefer to take chances on players in a more unconventional way--the Supplemental Draft.

According to NFL reporter, Adam Caplan, the Supplemental Draft will take place shortly after the July Fourth holiday.

If Caplan's prediction is correct, ten players in the Supplemental Draft is extremely rare. While rumors run rampant with this event, he could very well be correct in his assessment. Caplan notes that the list of entrants hasn't been finalized, though we've done some research and found out some rumors on this. Noted NFL Draft guru, Rob Rang is hearing that TCU running back, Ed Wesley will enter the Supplemental Draft this year.

As the twelfth of July nears, I'm sure that we'll get a clearer picture of who the entrants in the Supplemental Draft will be. Usually the players that opt to go this route have battled a number of issues, ranging from eligibility, injuries and/or off-field issues. Though these players come with a variety of risks, they usually are worth the gamble because of what a team gives up for them.

The process of the Supplemental Draft is rather simple. The same draft order is used from the traditional draft is used and goes through team by team, round by round. If a team opts to select a player in the Supplemental Draft, they forfeit their pick in that same round in the following year's traditional draft. It's really a team making a move for potential immediate benefit, in exchange for future payment.

Some notable Supplemental Draft picks include Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor and San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Ahmad Brooks. Now a successful player in a formidable 49er defense, Brooks was originally selected by the Bengals in the third round of the 2006 Supplemental Draft. It was in that time period that the Bengals were heavily criticized for taking chances on players with character concerns. Brooks had an up and down career in Cincinnati, but has found a great niche in San Francisco. It's unlikely that the Bengals will go this route in 2012, but running back is sell a potential need, so Wesley could be on the team's radar. Stay tuned.