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Cincinnati Bengals Have $16.3 Million Available Under The Salary Cap

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A couple of weeks ago Pro Football Talk released updated salary cap numbers, with the Bengals resting comfortably at $16.58 million under the salary cap. On Sunday Brian McIntyre with, who uses a source with access to salary cap data, that number has further shrunk to $16,309,693. Considering that the Cincinnati Bengals haven't made a transaction since the team released Rodney Stewart on June 19, it would seem a little strange that the number fluctuates that much.

It's likely that the people who release these numbers use difference sources, and those calculations could vary slightly. However we have to believe an writer releasing those numbers, probably with access to the exact numbers, are probably the most accurate of the bunch. Either way the team has plenty of money to use for extensions, Brandon Thompson's contract, injury replacements, etc. As if you had any doubt anyway.