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ESPN Signs Mel Kiper Jr. And Adam Schefter To Long-Term Deals

The idea of having the predraft process and the NFL draft without Mel Kiper Jr. on ESPN is unfathomable, not unlike the sweet decibels of Enya on Gladiator or saturated butter at the movie theatre. According to Richard Deitsch with Sports Illustrated, ESPN signed Mel Kiper Jr. to a six-year deal that runs "through the summer of 2018."

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter also reportedly signed a five-year extension that runs "through the summer of 2017." NFL Insider John Clayton and Ed Werder, who is based out of Cincinnati, also signed four-year extensions recently.

Per Deitsch:

Why did ESPN lock up this quartet of NFL talent? "The NFL is 12 months a year and our fans cannot get enough news and information," said Mark Gross, an ESPN senior vice president and executive producer.

The good news is that Mel Kiper Jr. sets up the table for predraft conversation and Schefter tweets the draft picks in the first round well before they're announced for another five years. We're beyond overjoyed.