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2012 Supplement Draft Kicks Off At 1PM On Thursday

The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft is expected to kickoff at 1:00 PM Eastern on Thursday, with eight players reportedly eligible. But before all that starts, the league will conduct their version of a draft lottery, setting the order of all 32 teams to make their selections. Once the draft starts, teams can choose a player or pass. If a team picks a player then they sacrifice the corresponding round during next year's NFL draft. For example Cincinnati selected Ahmad Brooks during the 2006 Supplement Draft in the third round, giving up their third-round selection during the 2007 NFL draft.

Players like Cris Carter, Steve Walsh, Brian Bosworth and Bernie Kosar are notable former supplemental draft picks. This year's eligible players include.

  • Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon
  • Carson Newman linebacker Larry Lumpkin
  • TCU running back Ed Wesley
  • Boise State defensive back Quaylon Ewing
  • Syracuse fullback Adam Harris
  • Iowa State offensive lineman Adrian Haughton
  • Georgia defensive end Montez Robinson
  • McMurray wide receiver Houston Tuminello.

As for the Bengals we're not expecting much. At most two or three players will be selected, including Gordon who is expected to be gone by the third round -- Bengals didn't attend his Pro Day a couple days ago. Once the supplemental draft is completed, those players become undrafted free agents that can sign with any team.