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Open Thread: Reds Look For Sweep Tomorrow Night

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Ryan Ludwick just won game two for the Reds over the Cardinals, giving the Reds a .5 game lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Reds will go for the sweep tomorrow night on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball at 8:00 PM ET. Ace and All-Star snub Johnny Cueto is scheduled to go for the Reds, but may be scratched due to a blister. Feel free to talk about who the Reds should go after to fill the gaping hole at lead-off. Or maybe they should bat Brandon Phillips first and go after a clean-up hitter?

The Dark Knight Rises is less than a week away from opening in Theaters nationwide. Will you be at the midnight showing? David Letterman reportedly let the ending of the trilogy slip on his show the other night, though he could have been just messing with the audience. What is on your mind? Discuss here, because life is too short to stay quiet.