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Brian Leonard As A Pass Blocker (And A Video Of Him Jumping Over People)

Getty Images

Fans love themselves some Brian Leonard. What's not to like? He jumps over players. Small. Big. Doesn't matter. If he's looking to reach a point on the field behind you, he'll springboard over you and all you have for your effort is the goofy look of tackling air and the sound of someone laughing at you from the overhead compartment.

Yet one of his more valuable contributions, along with special teams, isn't so much when he has the football. Rather it's when the quarterback is going through his progressions on offense, needing that split-second for a receiver to complete his route.

According to the three-year series at Pro Football Focus, Leonard is one of the best pass blockers at running back against the blitz. Of the 160 pass blocks he's participated in, only eight times have players he's blocking accumulated pressure, giving him a Pass Blocking Efficiency Score of 96.25.

Anyway. We know what you want. A montage of Leonard jumping.