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Top-20 Bengals Of 2012: No. 16 Center Kyle Cook

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Kyle Cook offered stability when he was promoted as the team's starting center, replacing the departed (and depressingly ineffective) Eric Ghiaciuc in 2009. As a result Cook helped the Cincinnati Bengals become a top-ten rushing offense, which, along with a top-five defense, swept the division and earned Cincinnati an unexpected Pro Bowl berth.

Every year since becoming the team's starting center, Cook has generated a positive run blocking score according to Pro Football Focus. And though he's "struggled" more as a pass blocker, he's only allowed five quarterback sacks during 1,883 passing plays.

And perhaps the greatest compliment of them all, Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander compared Cook's intelligence to the "gold standard" of all modern Bengals centers, Richie Braham.