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Joey Porter And The Lasting Legacy He Left (For Pissed Off Bengals Fans)

Joey Porter will be remembered for a lot of things. Bengals fans may remember one thing that didn't even happen on the field.

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Linebacker Joey Porter told NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport on Wednesday that he's planning to retire as a Pittsburgh Steelers this year, the team that he began his career with. And during his 13-year career, Porter generated 98 quarterback sacks, 22 forced fumbles and 12 interceptions. Despite being a royal jackass (more on that in a minute), Porter did have a strong NFL career.

That being said, Joey Porter is an assclown.

Don't take my word for it. Our memories reside within the brain sporting an eight-core processor, recalling things that should probably be buried. In a very real sense he became alpha-clown, not just for his aggressive assault against a former Bengals player at a Las Vegas casino, but his assault with a posse supporting him.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported on March 19, 2007 that Joey Porter assaulted Bengals offensive tackle Levi Jones in Las Vegas. wrote that as many as six people in Porter's entourage jumped Jones.

Although a police report won’t be filed until Friday, Bengals left tackle Levi Jones was not only allegedly punched by Joey Porter Sunday night in a Las Vegas casino but he also told police he was robbed in the attack.

Officer Martin Wright of the Vegas police said Monday that Jones said he had some jewelry stolen in an incident that apparently has roots in on-field trash talking that goes back several years.

The video was released later, which Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer commentates.

Levi Jones spoke to on March 28, saying:

"A cowardly assault by a coward," Jones says. "One versus seven, six from behind. The police report came out and told the truth. Joey Porter did not kick Levi Jones’s ass. Basically what he did was walk up to me, get my attention talking trash while his boys jumped me from behind. They plotted the thing. He was shooting craps. I was playing blackjack. He saw me, there was no exchange before he just came up on me."

"But when there are six and seven guys with him, he’s brave now," Jones says. "Strength in numbers. I guess he felt like the numbers were with him. He’s been doing this for years, telling everyone he’s going to do this to me and do that to me."

Jones continued talking about the incident to anyone that listened, this time having an issue with ESPN's disinterest in adding to the facts that Jones presented.

"It was like that, it was problematic for me and my family, especially when the true story wasn't out there," Jones said. "The particulars about how everything went down, I mean, ESPN, all they wanted to report was Joey Porter hit me in the face.

"Six guys attacked me from behind before he did it. When the true story came out, ESPN still didn't want to report it."

"He (Porter) got my attention from the front and wouldn't get near me until the six guys jumped me from behind, (then) he took part," Jones said. "What started everything was the dude hit me from behind. From then on, I had to protect myself. I was attacked by seven guys. I don't know what man is going to withstand that, especially with an NFL player involved."

Eventually, as Glazer pointed out during the video above, Porter was fined three game checks which amounted to $141,176. That was months following Porter's five-year deal that he signed with the Miami Dolphins worth $32.5 million with $20 million guaranteed.

Here's the best part. An eyewitness described the fight, saying that despite all of the help Porter had, Jones was gaining the upperhand.

"They were throwing down," said [Dave Benz, an eyewitness]. "They must have each gotten in a good three or four swings. Then all of a sudden, the bigger guy who I found out later was Levi Jones, picked up Joey Porter and tossed him probably 10 feet like he was a rag doll." Benz said there was about 10 seconds where people broke the fight up, but said Porter broke loose and went after Jones again.

Porter may have had a good career in the NFL, but to many Bengals fans, this is his legacy.