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Question Of The Day: The Moment You Became A Bengals Fan (Other Than "All My Life")


It's easy to remember for me. Sitting in my living room with the sky long transformed into a dark stillness while the minutes were expiring. It was almost a love at first site. Ten years old while watching the arcane color television, seeing this new NFL team in my newest city after my mother packed our bags and moved us to Ohio. It was the Super Bowl and Joe Montana had just completed a game-winning touchdown to seal the 49ers win.

Yet it wasn't the end for me. This was only the beginning. It was the first Bengals game I had watched from beginning to end. It was a Super Bowl. That's right. My first experience watching the Bengals was the Super Bowl, and how does a ten-year old not become thrilled at the prospect of watching his newest city have a team that made the Super Bowl? After spending most of my life in NFC territory, watching the Vikings with my father's futile efforts of Green Bay tradition into my core (yes that conflict existed), the Bengals weren't explored in my youth until moving to Ohio.

What's your fondest memory as a Bengals fan? Better yet, do you recall the moment that you became a fan?