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Updating The Dormant Bob Bratkowski File

Good old Bob Bratkowski. The name may conjure images of certain memories (perhaps a dry heave or two?). It was so impressive that obsessive fans (aka, us) could tell a room full of non-fans what play would happen, and their applause was not unlike the appreciation after a magician just made an elephant disappear -- with a few golf claps in the background.

Currently the former Bengals offensive coordinator took the same job in Jacksonville, a position that Clark Judge with writes is one of the most unenviable in the NFL:

Blaine Gabbert is his quarterback. Justin Blackmon is a concern. Maurice Jones-Drew might be a training-camp no-show. And solving Houston's defense is the objective. Tell me that's how you want to start over as an offensive coordinator.

After leaving Cincinnati, Bratkowski joined the Atlanta Falcons in 2011 as the team's quarterbacks coach where Matt Ryan set career highs in touchdowns, yards passing and quarterback rating. He was hired by first-year head coach Mike Mularkey in Jacksonville during the offseason to become the team's offensive coordinator.