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PFW: Bengals Believe Jermaine Gresham Has The Potential As A Standout Blocker (As Well As Receiver)

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Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham has been featured on many lists with NFL experts this year, largely bored while finding something to talk about to keep the insatiable hunger of NFL fans satisfied. According to Pro Football Weekly, there's "sentiment inside the club that Gresham has the potential to be a standout dual threat at the position, consistently excelling as a receiver and a blocker." Gresham is definitely noted as a tight end with excellent hands, having generated 108 receptions for 1,067 yards receiving and ten touchdowns during his first two seasons of his young NFL career.

However his blocking has always left plenty to be desired. According to Pro Football Focus' grading chart, Gresham generated a run blocking score of -9.0 last season, second worst by 0.1 points to former guard Nate Livings. Andrew Whitworth and tight end Colin Cochart followed with negative scores in the sevens. Gresham's negative score last year was preceded by a -8.2 run blocking score during his rookie season in 2010.