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Top-20 Bengals of 2012: No. 10 Cornerback Leon Hall

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The only reason that Leon Hall isn't featured much higher on our top-20 Bengals of 2012 is directly related to the injury he suffered last season (though we're sure some would argue that he's exactly where he should be even without the injury concerns). After tearing his Achilles against the Pittsburgh Steelers, many wondered how quickly he'd be able to return, some citing the need for a full calendar year to recover. Though Hall has claimed he'll be ready for the team's first practice on July 27, you really have to wait these things out because one can never be too sure until they're on the field doing real football moves.

Regardless. If he's on the field, fully recovered, Hall is the team's best cornerback. During his first season without Johnathan Joseph opposite of him, Hall generated an opposing quarterback rating of 84.8, allowing 30 of 48 completions for 393 yards and two touchdowns. However he also intercepted two passes, deflected five others and recorded an opposing quarterback rating of 70 or less in six of the nine games he played last season.