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Top-20 Bengals of 2012: No. 9 Kicker Mike Nugent

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One could probably argue for higher placement for Nugent, considering he was given the franchise tag this year after setting the the franchise record for most points scored during the regular season. Nugent also converted 33 of 38 field goals, including an impressive 14-16 on field goals during ranges longer than 40 yards. However it all boils down to this:

Mike Nugent simply has one thing that Shayne Graham, who holds mostly all of the team's efficiency records as a place-kicker, doesn't. The ability to perform under pressure.

Nugent converted 25 of 27 field goals when the team was either trailing or tied. He converted all but one field goal (15-19) in the second half as opposed to a 78.9 percent conversion in the first half. Nugent converted a 43-yard game-winning field goal against the Buffalo Bills as time expired. His 26-yard field goal against the Cleveland Browns with 41 seconds remaining gave Cincinnati the win. Nugent converted 10 of 11 field goals in the fourth quarter last year, often closing a deficit or expanding a lead.