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Top-20 Bengals Players Of 2012: No. 4 Quarterback Andy Dalton

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For a time it seemed that opinions were somewhat split on Carson Palmer. Some celebrated his decision to take a stand against ownership. Others despised the man, calling him a quitter. Regardless Mike Brown was holding onto his rights, without any intention of trading him.

Then Andy Dalton came along. He broke franchise rookie records, made the Pro Bowl, led the Bengals to the postseason, showed serious tenacity, comeback ability and virtually every desirable intangible. And at some point along the way the Carson Palmer trade to the Oakland Raiders became a page two story that vastly increased an already energetic fanbase.

Dalton comes into camp this year with greater expectations than last year. He has his primary weapon with A.J. Green, but there's a lot of questions this year as to the other players he'll be throwing to. Specifically the No. 2 receiver and slot (if Jordan Shipley doesn't hold onto his spot).