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Top-20 Bengals Players Of 2012: No. 1 Wide Receiver A.J. Green

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Remember when the Bengals had the No. 4 overall pick last year and fans screamed that a wide receiver wasn't necessary? Neither do I. The consensus best overall player in the 2011 draft showed why he earned that label in his rookie year. A.J. Green burst onto the scene by breaking franchise receiving records and making the Pro Bowl in his first year. He wasted no time making an impact as he had a touchdown in each of his first two games, while compiling a 16.3 yards per reception average.

What's more, Green showed up in huge games. For instance, in the two games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green had two touchdowns that put the team back in the game in the early portions of each one of the match ups. He also proved valuable on running plays as he racked up a 10.3 yards per carry--primarily on end arounds. All of this and Green didn't lose a fumble in 2011.

The sky is the limit for Green and many predict him to take the next step to superstardom. In just one year he has become a human highlight reel and continually made Bengals fans say "wow". Aside from being the team's most talented player, he's the anti-Ochocinco. He exudes a quiet confidence, yet has a sincere mobility and brings things to the offense that past Bengals teams couldn't rely on their past No.1 receiver to do. Now, they have a franchise player at the position for at least the next half-decade.