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Bengals Tight End Jermaine Gresham Gives Homeless Man $100


There are those that believe that NFL players doing charitable work, such as visiting hospitals or setting up youth football camps, is expected. Maybe they honestly love doing it, or perhaps their managers or agents realize the value of that perception. Regardless the motivations, as long as they're doing good in our respective communities, it benefits everyone, especially those being helped.

But this one was a little unexpected.

According to a tweet by Jermaine Gresham, a homeless man dropped two quarters into an expired parking meter that Gresham was parked at. The act of generosity helped the Bengals starting tight end avoid a $55 parking ticket. Rather than just saying thanks and being on his way, or repaying the homeless man his charitable 50 cents, Gresham gave the panhandler $100 in appreciation.