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The Carlos Dunlap Injury (That Shouldn't Have Happened) [GIF]

Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap suffered a knee sprain against the New York Jets Friday night. And it wasn't even during a pass rush. Dunlap laid back during the snap in an apparent pass coverage and began drifting back. Sanchez hit receiver Patrick Turner with Leon Hall collapsing on top of the receiver soon after the reception. Turner's legs kicked out during the tackle, connecting with Dunlap's leg which caused it to shift on the turf and bend unnaturally.

The reaction at the far-right of the frame is Michael Johnson, who had that "oh my god, this can't be happening" reaction watching Dunlap curl up on the field clutching his injured knee.

There is no timeframe for Dunlap's eventual return. It appears more serious than Rey Maualuga's knee sprain, who said he should be back within a couple of days. Dunlap could be out for a couple of weeks at least.