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Taylor Mays: Have To Be More Conscious Of Who I'm Hitting

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First it was Taylor Mays with the low tackle that hit Rey Maualuga's lower body, causing him a knee sprain against the Jets. In the same game Mays tried hitting a receiver so hard, he was taken out of the game due to concussion protocols after a hit to the head. Then on Thursday against the Atlanta Falcons, Mays stood in deep coverage when Matt Ryan completed a pass to tight end Michael Palmer. As Vontaze Burfict was making the tackle, Mays was destined to generate the biggest hit in NFL history. Instead the safety's shoulder banged into Burfict's head, forcing the linebacker out of the game due to concussions protocols.

For his part of reckless endangerment with own teammates, Mays knows adjustments in his game are needed.

"I have to be more conscious of who I am hitting. Sometimes stuff moves at the last second. You want to be aggressive and set the tempo but at the same time I don’t want to do anything stupid. Sometimes I’m trying to run to the ball and trying to get there. Its just a defensive mindset and I’m going to work on it."

Said Mays of the play: "There was a bunch of guys coming at me an it was kind of like a bang, bang play and throw my body in there. I don’t think I hit the running back, I think I hit Vontaze. I should play a little bit smarter with that."

The tally so far is three players, including Mays' own head injury last week against the Jets. Mays finished the game with three tackles and a pass defensed.