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Question Of The Day: Available NFL Free Agents

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There are three things usually going down during a weekend like this. Teams reduce their numbers to a maximum 53 players. Teams begin developing their practice squad. Teams then start pillaging through the waiver wire and free agency to find players that may help improve their roster. This is the part where the 53-man roster from Friday night morphs into something a little different after Labor Day weekend.

To help get you started, NFL Insider Adam Caplan published an updated list of available free agents following the NFL's roster deadline Friday night. Offense | Defense

So we turn the floor to you. Are there any players you'd like the Bengals to check out, at least bring for a visit (not necessarily sign)? A couple of areas we think Cincinnati could look at is safety and offensive line. Perhaps even running back, depending on the injuries. Maybe a more experienced wide receiver? Or are you good with the potential argument?