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Poll Of The Day: Best Cincinnati Bengals Song Of All-Time

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With the Cincinnati Bengals preparing to kickoff the regular season in just a few hours, we had an epiphany. Let's feature all of the Cincinnati Bengals songs that's developed over the years (not including Guns N' Roses because it's not specifically about the Bengals) and see which one is the favorite today.

+ The Bengals Growl. A close personal friend of Paul Brown, George Bird joined the Bengals as the Entertainment Director when the Bengals were formed. There were stories that Bird was in the hospital at some point after joining the Bengals and decided to write a Bengals fight song. It remains popular today.

+ The Who Dey Rap. The Cincinnati Bengals, who had just won the division and conference titles during their Super Bowl run during the 1988 season, decided now was as good a time as any to write and record an 80s rap song that most NFL teams were doing in that era. It was song by players and released in January of 1989.

+ Fear Da Tiger. Bootsy Collins wrote the song Fear Da Tiger, celebrating his hometown NFL team and their resurgence in 2005, when they went to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.