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Baltimore Ravens Take 10-0 Lead On Easy Ray Rice Seven-Yard Touchdown

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It was too easy. Way too easy.

Cam Cameron worked the end around and reverses before settling into a more traditional offense. On a drive that spanned 12 plays and 63 yards, Cincinnati's coverage team appeared to be working the first practice of training camp, extremely soft from Manny Lawson's tight end coverage to the cornerbacks on the outside receivers.

It culminated with a fourth down conversion with 7:22 remaining in the first quarter from Cincinnati's 20-yard line.

Nate Clements was late covering Ray Rice, taking a poor angle that put the defensive back behind, which allowed Rice to haul in the fourth down reception, converting the first down. Flacco completed one of the next two passes for 12 yards, reaching Cincinnati's seven-yard line. Ray Rice had no issues jogging into the end zone to give the Ravens a 10-0 lead.