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Baltimore Ravens Take 17-3 Lead Following Anquan Boldin's 34-Yard Touchdown

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Again. Too easy.

Ray Rice picked up a massive 16-yard chunk during Baltimore's first play after Cincinnati's Mike Nugent scored a field goal to reduce the Bengals deficit to seven points. On second down with 13:40 remaining in the second quarter, Joe Flacco floats a pass down the right sidelines for Jacoby Jones, just over the outstretched fingertips of Terence Newman, picking up 25 yards to Cincinnati's 40-yard line.

Following a six-yard sprint by Rice, Flacco launches the football down the middle of the field with Anquan Boldin (not really THAT fast), hauling in the 34-yard touchdown pass with Taylor Mays in his dust.

Some could argue that the football scooted around in Boldin's hands. Just saying.