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Bengals Vs. Ravens: Baltimore Extends Their Lead After Another Flacco TD Pass

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After watching the Bengals score on two consecutive drives while only taking a knee in between the two drives, Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense, with their backs against the wall responded the way the Ravens offense was capable of; they drove down the field and scored, once again thanks to some well-placed balls from Joe Flacco, some nice runs by Ray Rice and a very poorly called pass interference penalty on Leon Hall.

Flacco and Rice led the Ravens down the field at ease despite Mike Zimmer sending multiple blitz packages Flacco's way, which set the Ravens up in the red zone when Flacco floated a pass over the 5-foot-11 Leon Hall's head to the 6-foot-4 Dennis Pitta, who was able to grab the ball at its highest point and bring it down in the end zone.


After Justin Tucker added on the extra point, the Bengals found themselves in a 11-point hole, trailing the Ravens by a score of 24-11.

The Bengals will need to move the ball again on offense to silence the crowd again and try to get things back under control.aft