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Ravens Field Goal Regains 14-Point Lead Late In The Third Quarter

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It was chunks of yards. Chunks.

Wide open. On the first play following Cincinnati's punt with 4:22 remaining in the third quarter, Joe Flacco faked a stretch to the right with Cincinnati's defense chomping their own tongues biting so hard. Tight end Dennis Pitta escaped on a cross that went unnoticed by Cincinnati's defense, hauling in a 25-yard pass.

Flacco zipped a fast ball on hitch near the left sidelines for another 10-yard gain to Cincinnati's 49-yard line. Following a three-yard gain and a flip induced tackle by Reggie Miles, Rice patiently waited for his blocks to formulate a lane up the gut for a 10-yard gain to Cincinnati's 26-yard line.

Eventually the Bengals forced consecutive incompletions with Justin Tucker completing a 40-yard field goal, extending Baltimore's lead 27-13.