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Baltimore Ravens Take 41-13 Lead After Another Andy Dalton Turnover

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Early in the fourth quarter from the Bengals 28-yard line on third-and-two, Andy Dalton dropped back, forced to scramble. He finds a gap up the middle but Ray Lewis punches the football out of Dalton's hands while Haloti Ngata pounded into Dalton's throwing shoulder. Lardarius Webb recovered the fumble to give Baltimore the football. The starting quarterback laid on his back momentarily, visibly showing discomfort when he made his way off the field.

In the meantime Baltimore capitalized on Dalton's lost fumble, scoring another touchdown to take a 41-13 lead with over 14 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, highlighted by another defensive pass interference. This time on Nate Clements. Ray Rice pounded the football into the endzone, following Vonta Leach's obliteration of Dan Skuta for the one-yard score.

Dalton returned to the field on the next possession.