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NFL Power Rankings: Week Two

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The week two power rankings are out and the Cincinnati Bengals didn't project well after a crushing blow against the Baltimore Ravens.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Of the mainstream power rankings that came out earlier this week, the one that surprised us the most was Brian Billick. Not because he ranked the team at No. 14 -- tied for highest among the rankings we follow -- rather because he didn't move Cincinnati from last week's No. 14 spot. On the other hand Pro Football Talk dropped the Bengals seven spots to No. 24, the lowest.

SB Nation 18 16 19 16
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 14 7
ESPN 18 16
Associated Press 18 14
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 14 14
Pro Football Talk 24 17
Pro Football Weekly 18 14
National Football Post 18 11