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[GIF] Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Is Wrong: A.J. Green Made That Reception

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With over two minutes remaining in the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals offense had crossed midfield to the Ravens 37-yard line. Dalton takes the first-down snap out of shotgun and slings the football to A.J. Green, who makes a golden reception at the 20-yard line. Green, after landing on his feet with solid control of the football, takes two steps before cornerback Cary Williams hits Green to the turf.

Sweet. First down.

Though initially ruled a complete (only because it was), the officials ruled it incomplete.

If there was a play that probably should be challenged, this was it. When asked about it on Wednesday, Lewis defended his decision not to challenge the play saying the he didn't believe Green made the reception. He continued:

Bollocks. Aside from the fact that it's questionable if the replacement officials even know the rules, there's no way for a head coach on the sidelines to determine if a receiver caught the football with the ball so close to his body when he lands on the ground. This is defensive Lewis, who knows he should have done something, but didn't so he just keeps it short (or blames the media).

Thankfully the Bengals converted a third down anyway, reaching the 16-yard line, so it didn't stall the drive.