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GAME UPDATE: Amazing Jermaine Gresham Reception And Mike Nugent Field Goal Gives Bengals 10-Point Lead

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It seems that everytime the Cincinnati Bengals prepare to push their spikes on Cleveland's throats, the Browns pull themselves up off the turf. Andrew Hawkins has one of the more amazing touchdown receptions we'll ever see. The Browns respond with an 80-yard touchdown drive in eight plays, capped by a 24-yard touchdown reception by Greg Little.

Now the Bengals switch to a more conservative clock-killing mode. A handful of runs and short passes sets up a third down and six at Cleveland's 45-yard line as the Browns take their first timeout with 3:43 remaining in the game. Andy Dalton takes the third down snap and throws down the left sidelines. Jermaine Gresham grabs the football, bobbles it and surprisingly secures it as he's falling out of bounds. Amazing reception. Cleveland uses their second time out after a failed challenge.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is stuffed in the backfield with 3:28 remaining, a two-yard loss when the Browns use their final timeout, setting up a second and 12. Again Dalton hands off to Green-Ellis runs into a pile of bodies, bounces outside after no one bothered tackling the back for a six-yard gain.

Green-Ellis is held to a minimal gain on third and six. The reliable Mike Nugent converts the 37-yard field goal down the middle, giving the Bengals a 34-24 lead with 2:09 remaining.