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Cincinnati Enquirer: Jamaal Anderson May Be Done For The Year With Possible Torn Quad

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With 1:41 remaining in the game, the first major injury occurred on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. On first and ten from the Cleveland Browns 41-yard line, Jamaal Anderson collided into the right guard, planted his foot and attempted a spin move. He clutched his knee in mid-spin and fell to the turf. As trainers began working on Anderson, the cart drove onto the field and carried Anderson back to the lockerroom.

According to Joe Reedy's sources with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Anderson may have a torn quad and likely done for the remainder of the year.

Once Anderson goes on Injured Reserve, he'll be the eighth player on IR this year; seventh on defense. Unless they call up someone like DeQuin Evans from the practice squad, it's likely that the team will sign a free agent at some point this week.