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Tweets From Cincinnati Bengals Players After Beating The Cleveland Browns

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Ew. A dirty smelly shoe.
Ew. A dirty smelly shoe.

The Cincinnati Bengals won and though the game was a little rough, mostly for the defense, the players are happy. As they should be. Cleveland Browns or not, a win in the NFL is one of the hardest wins to come by in professional sports. Here's a few tweets from Bengals players Sunday afternoon.

After Adam Jones' 81-yard punt return for touchdown, the injured Thomas Howard tweets:

Dontay Moch, currently on a four-game suspension, is thrilled about near the end of the first quarter.

Vontaze Burfict made his first professional start in only his second NFL game, posting three defensive tackles on the afternoon.

Domata Peko, who usually sends out a postgame tweet, appreciates the packed Paul Brown Stadium helping the defense. Peko finished the game with one tackle, including a nasty tackle for loss.

Armon Binns, generating five receptions for 66 yards receiving on the afternoon, sends out thanks to his Cincinnati soulmates.

Mohamed Sanu wins the award for most ominous tweet:

Sanu didn't have a reception, nor was he targeted all afternoon. In fact according to the NFL Game Book, Sanu didn't enter the game at all.