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Former Bengals Linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy Remains Unsigned

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He finished second on the team with 19 preseason tackles; tied with Vincent Rey, generating three fewer than team-leader Jeromy Miles. Against the Green Bay Packers, he posted a quarterback sack. When Rey Maualuga missed the final three games with a knee sprain, he started in his place. Then the Cincinnati Bengals released Roddrick Muckelroy Friday evening to form their 53-man roster. In conjunction with the fact Cincinnati kept seven wide receivers, it was entirely unexpected.

However Roddrick Muckelroy cleared waivers on Saturday (no reports that a team claimed him) and now free to sign with any team interested.

One possibility could be that the Bengals will bring Muckelroy back after they place center Kyle Cook on Injured Reserve this Tuesday, freeing a roster spot. Many suspect it will be Otis Hudson, however he could remain on the practice squad until Cincinnati deals with an injury on the offensive line. Currently they have a backup for each position and the necessity isn't pressing, whereas Muckelroy provides a greater contribution on special teams, capable of backing up any spot at linebacker.

Then again, none of the other 31 teams picked up Muckelroy, why would the Bengals?