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Bengals Passing Charts: Two Week Andy Dalton Update And Jermaine Gresham Question

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Now that we have two weeks worth of data to analyze, some passing trends are starting to emerge. For one, the Bengals will be passing the ball a lot; they've called over 40 pass plays in each game so far.

On paper, Andy Dalton hasn't been bad. In fact, last week's performance was statistically his best as an NFL quarterback. After charting each of his throws, you can ee how flawless he and this offense have been on anything short. It's the deep passing that leaves something to be desired. Let's take a look at the last two week's individual performances.

Andy Dalton vs Ravens


Andy Dalton vs Browns


Of Dalton's 71 attempts, 42 have been out of shotgun and 15 passes have been off play-action. That leaves only 14 pass attempts with a normal drop from under center.

Andy Dalton out of Shotgun


In the Shotgun, Dalton is only 28 of 42 (66.7%) with two touchdowns and interceptions respectively. A total of 59% of all throws have been from Shotgun. (h/t jmperkins39)

Andy Dalton and Play-Action


From Play-Action, Dalton is 9 of 15 (60%) without either a touchdown or interception.

Andy Dalton Passing over 10-Yards


Dalton has attempted 23 passes targeted over 10-yards down field. He has only completed eight of those attempts (34.8%) with one touchdown, two interceptions and two passes defensed. Only two of his nine (22.2%) attempts targeted over 20-yards down field have resulted in a completion and one of those was a touchdown. Of his five attempts that were targeted over 30 yards, none have been completed.

Of Dalton's 71 total attempts, 48 have been targeted 10 yards or less from the line of scrimmage, completing 38 of 48 (79.1%) throws with two touchdowns.

Jermaine Gresham: Man of Mystery


Jermaine Gresham has been targeted 13 times and caught seven passes through two games. His average targeted depth is only about 6.1 yards downfield. Looking at the chart, you have to wonder why Gresham isn't being targeted over the middle more than twice in two weeks.