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Bengals Morning Beat: Coffee Without Creamer Is Like A Bad Neal McCoy Song

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We're not offering up a commentary this morning due to a late night preparing for something awesome that's coming to Cincy Jungle. You'll see soon enough -- I might even talk about it very, very soon. But we have a list of postings (ours and others) from the previous day(s) to help you drown your steaming cup of coffee.

+ Yes. We're picking NFL games and yes, we're having a terrible start. What can we say? Either Vegas can't get it right with wicked bad betting lines or the NFL is entirely too unpredictable this time of year -- or some of us have spent 95 percent of our time working the Bengals leaving the other 5 percent for sleep, food, work and sex. What the hell is wrong with us.

+ We update our weekly Cincinnati Bengals player power rankings.

+ Unsure if you'll get the Cincinnati Bengals on television this weekend? We have your answer (because we know what you want and deliver).

+ Updated injury and practice list for both the Bengals and Redskins.

+ Recently signed defensive end Wallace Gillberry is signed, locked and loaded to play.

"I guess it was one of those things where it didn’t work out. Cincinnati called and gave me an opportunity and I’m definitely going to take advantage of it," Gilberry said Wednesday to The Enquirer’s Shannon Russell.

+ Forbes most overpaid players of 2012.

+ Head coach Marvin Lewis on Adam Jones when he has the football.

"I marvel at his abilities in many ways," said head coach Marvin Lewis. "He is amazing with the ball in his hands. He’s amazing when they do their individual DB drills and they’re doing a tackling drill and he’s the ball carrier. He’s very, very difficult to get your hands on."

+ Andrew Fox Miller takes a look at the odds for success for the Cincinnati Bengals.

+ Vontaze Burfict reflecting on his expectations heading into training camp this year.

+ Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson gave an honest interview for Showtime's Inside the NFL.


+ Washington head coach Mike Shanahan doesn't sound optimistic that his starting wide receiver Pierre Garcon will play Sunday.

+ Check out my interview at Hogs Haven.

+ The Redskins have listed rookie Kirk Cousins as the backup quarterback, leaving Rex Grossman as the inactive quarterback during games.