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Armon Binns' 48-Yard Touchdown Reception Gives The Bengals A 14-7 Lead

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The Cincinnati Bengals defense finally forced a quick three and out against the Redskins offense, allowing Andy Dalton and company to take possession at their own 42-yard line. For the first time this year, Bernard Scott lines up in the backfield, takes the pitch to the left and loses eight yards a running play. Nice.

Obviously 18 yards for a first down is going to be a struggle. So Andy Dalton takes the second down shotgun snap, looks upfield and does his impression of RGIII, picking up 17 yards on the scramble to Washington's 49-yard line. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is the obvious recipient for a third and short situation. Right? Andy Dalton hands off to Andrew Hawkins, in motion from right to left, picking up 11 yards down the left sidelines and the first down to the Redskins 38-yard line.

An offensive holding on Jeff Faine and incomplete sets up a second and 20 at Washington's 48-yard line.

Dalton takes the shotgun snap, flips the football to Armon Binns on the ten-yard out and Josh Wilson misses the tackle. Binns sprints down the left sidelines and scores on the 48-yard touchdown.

Bengals take a 14-7 lead.