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SECOND HALF OPEN THREAD: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) At Washington Redskins (1-1)

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By far the most complete half that the Bengals have played this year, Cincinnati takes a 24-7 lead with an aggressive defense showing some swagger and a returning Carlos Dunlap doing what he does best: Disrupt. Same thing for Michael Johnson, who currently leads the team with five tackles and two quarterback sacks (on consecutive plays).

Trick plays have been on the team's menu and the "other" receivers are stepping up, though still in-step with A.J. Green, who already has 104 yards receiving on four receptions. Jermaine Gresham also played his best half of the year, generating 58 yards on four receptions. Mohamed Sanu doesn't have a reception; only a 73-yard touchdown pass during the first play from scrimmage on the day.

Save for a Ryan Kerrigan hit on Andy Dalton that forced a wobbly pass out of his hands that led to a touchdown, the Bengals could easily have a 27-3 lead, if not for a head-scratching fake field goal attempt during a 15-play possession early in the second.