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Big-Play Cincinnati Bengals Offense Takes 31-24 Lead Early In The Fourth


After an official review with 13:27 that led to Washington's final timeout during a punt, Andy Dalton takes the first down snap from their own 20-yard line, picking up 12 yards on A.J. Green's hitch to the right. On the ensuing play Orson Charles runs down the seam and Andy Dalton throws the football a little high, but Charles jumps over the coverage and hauls in the 25-yard reception. His first of his career.

The big play offense continues.

On first down from Washington's 44-yard line, A.J. Green sprints down the right sidelines, clearly beating coverage and hauling in the 32-yard reception to the Redskins 13-yard line. DeAngelo Hall added to Cincinnati's gain on a called face mask, further pushing the Bengals offense to the six-yard line.

This offense didn't waste time. Andy Dalton hits Jermaine Gresham, catching the football two yards shy of the goalline. Instead of going down and living for another day, Gresham powered his way into the endzone, giving the Bengals a 31-24 lead with 11:24 remaining in the game.