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Bengals Take 38-24 Lead On Andrew Hawkins 59-Yard Touchdown Reception

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The Bengals offense risked several throws, rewarded with big gains on their previous possession. Following a recovering defensive effort to limit the Redskins offense, the Bengals open another possession with 9:09 remaining in the game from their own 28-yard line. Following a two-yard A.J. Green reception with a pass that forced the receiver to fall down, BenJarvus Green-Ellis cut deep into the line of scrimmage, picking up nine yard and the first down.

Following a minimal gain by BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Andy Dalton flings the football over the middle to a wide open Andrew Hawkins. Warp factor 10. Hawkins leaves a trail of smoke from his shoes, recording a 59-yard touchdown to give the Bengals a 38-24 lead with 7:08 remaining in the game.