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GAME REVIEW: Armon Binns 48-Yard Touchdown Reception

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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Armon Binns scored his first career touchdown in only his third game. It wasn't some cheap touchdown either. His route defeated the defender and his speed beat the rest of Washington's defense. Though it wasn't necessarily the Andrew Hawkins 50-yard touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, Binns' first touchdown was all wide receiver.

Jeff Faine's offensive holding initially cost Cincinnati ten yards to Washington's 48-yard line with just under four minutes remaining the first quarter. Following an incomplete pass, the Bengals setup in shotgun with three receivers (Binns on the left, Green and Hawkins on the right).

It was actually a very simple pass and catch, with Binns hauling in the reception after breaking out on a ten-yard route towards the left sidelines. It appeared that Josh Wilson lost his balance breaking on the football, and by the time the cornerback reached the receiver, Binns was already gathering steam for a world class sprint down the left sidelines for a 48-yard touchdown.