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Cincinnati Bengals Dominate The Cincinnati Reds In Television Ratings

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The Cincinnati Bengals prove the dominant team when viewing television ratings. But we ask. Is that a fair comparison when debating whose town this is?

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Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

People still call Cincinnati a baseball town, perhaps homage to the Reds rich tradition that dates back centuries. And while the Cincinnati Reds clinched the division with a 6-0 shutout over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, comparatively speaking the Cincinnati Bengals dominated ratings during their 38-31 win over the Washington Redskins over the weekend.

According to Jim Kiesewetter with the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday drew double the viewers than the Reds division clinching game, which was broadcast on Fox the previous day.

Which generates the debate. Is Cincinnati a baseball town or football town?

However ratings could pose a slight issue in the overall argument. First of all the Bengals only play 16 games all season, whereas all but a handful of Reds games are shown on television. By now nearly 140 Reds games, if not more, have already played out on television whereas the Bengals just played their third game. The Reds were at home. The Bengals on the road.

So I'll leave the question to you guys -- hardcore Bengals fan. Whose town is it?