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Ticket Package Helping Sales For The Cincinnati Bengals Next Home Game

The next home game for the Cincinnati Bengals isn't sold out and could go down to the wire before next Thursday's 1 PM deadline. However a two-game ticket package is helping.

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Despite the Cincinnati Bengals bolstering a 2-1 record with a passing offense that features an array of exciting wide receivers in the passing game, tickets remain available for Cincinnati's next home game against the Miami Dolphins. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes:

It is believed that sales for the game are slightly less than they were at this point for the Sept. 16 home opener against Cleveland but that it is within range to make a final push for a sellout


Because of the two-game ticket pack that was recently added to increase sales for the game. The pack also included the October 21 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which figures to generate more interest. Fans that purchase the two-game ticket pack will also have an priority for playoff tickets if the Bengals win the division championship this year.

Cincinnati Bengals public relations director Jack Brennen, when asked about the Miami game:

"Fan response to Pack E was initially very good and we know from the TV ratings that a lot of people watched us win an exciting game last Sunday. The ticket office sees signs of a bump from that, so it’s encouraging. Pittsburgh, of course, is sold out, except through packs and season tickets. We are working for another very good sales week on Miami -- they’ve got Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill -- and the goal is another full house on Oct. 7. We’d like to remind fans that Pack E prices are lower than single-game, that both games are still very much in the usual good-weather zone, and that Miami is also still available as a single game."

After hosting the Miami Dolphins on October 7, the home schedule for the remainder of the season includes the Pittsburgh Steelers (October 21), Denver Broncos (November 4), New York Giants (November 11), Oakland Raiders (November 25), Dallas Cowboys (December 9) and Baltimore Ravens (December 30).

So if the Bengals fail to sellout a game this year, you have to figure that the Miami game is the most likely.