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OPEN THREAD: Explaining The New Layout At Cincy Jungle

We know that there's changes around Cincy Jungle and wanted to explain some things, as well as giving you guys a single point to sound off.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

With a completely redesigned website at Cincy Jungle, I wanted to take this opportunity to decompress and open up the forum. You can sound off in just a moment but we wanted to give you a sort of guide on how things are laid out.

THE COVER: There's a section at the top, new with this version of Cincy Jungle (SB Nation), that's called The Cover. Consider it like the cover to a magazine, the first thing you see when coming to the site. You see them at mainstream sports sites, like SI or ESPN. So you're already familiar with them.

We're very excited about this. We dish out so much content on a given day that (we've reached 20 postings in a day many time) with the old site, our postings were often buried fairly quickly. This allows us to "pin" stories we want you to see. Whether it's a major breaking story, or a posting we spent days developing, you will see them. When you research dozens of newspaper clippings from the 60s just to complete two sentences hoping to give your posting more life, it tends to be frustrating to see those posts buried. And posting less wasn't an option.

Additionally with news and breaking news stories, we can pin those at the top. This should naturally avoid repeat fanposts and hopefully keep all of the comments gathered into one location to give everyone a single point of discussion regarding a single topic.

THE RIVER: The "river" is just the new flow of stories that populate underneath the cover. It's just like the old method of the website, but it looks better. The stories will be in reverse chronological order like before, with some minor exceptions.

HUBS: This is another one that we're excited about. Many of our stories will grouped into features and hubs. Without going into detail, just click on the SECTION link and then click on ALL SECTIONS. In there you will see stories grouped based on their story. For instance there will be a latest news section, where you can go just to read the latest news. We have other sections in there that you will find easy to access.

We're still developing this section so give us some time to build. But give it a look. We're also dreaming up other uses for it -- should we use a new one for every game, with stories regarding our opponent and stories from us relevant to the game? These are questions and discussions we're currently having.

STORYSTREAM: We have yet to feature this tool on the site, but I'm perhaps the most giddy about this one. Know how there's a story that surfaces and then 2-3 hours later, an update comes and then two days later a third update comes out? A StoryStream allows us to group all of those postings into a single posting with articles as updates. You'll see what we're talking about soon enough and you'll love them.

CHANGE: We get that there's a lot of change around our stomping ground and there really is a large amount to take in. I've been running this place going on seven years now and this is the biggest change I've experienced myself. But give us time to maximize the tools while you feel yourself around at your new digs. It's different, I know. But impressively more powerful, mobile-friendly and once we get the hang of it, it's going to rock some serious socks.

Alright. Sound off. I'll be around to answer questions to hear what you have to say.