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Cincy Jungle's "Unsung Hero of the Week" Award: Week Three

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Every week we honor a Bengals player whose contributions in the last game may have gone overlooked. See who we chose this week and vote on your own nominee.

Larry French - Getty Images

Another week, another shootout victory for the Bengals. Like the game versus the Browns, one could argue that the game was further out of reach than what the score indicated, but once again it came down to the last possession to decide the outcome.

In this 38-point Bengals offensive display, there were a number of players that contributed to the win and made plays to contribute to the victory. When you look at the box score, the obvious place to look is on the offensive side of the ball because of the many big plays that were made. The Bengals' wide receiving corps was particularly impressive as three receivers had over 65 yards and the same three each had a touchdown.

Our first nominee was rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. Though he's had limited opportunities to make an impact so far this year, offensive coordinator Jay Gruden created an awesome offensive gameplan against the Redskins--particularly in the team's first play from scrimmage. They had Sanu line up as the quarterback in the "wildcat" offense and chuck a beautiful 73-yard touchdown to A.J. Green. The one play set the tone for the game, even if it was one that wasn't an orthodox one for a rookie player at the position. In a note having to do with Bengals trivia, Sanu is the first Bengals wide receiver to ever throw for a touchdown--tell that one to your friends to have a beer bought for you.

Going along with the same position, Armon Binns quietly had the best game of his young career. With three catches for 68 yards, including a 48-yard touchdown, he is starting to integrate himself nicely into the offense. While Binns isn't spectacular in any one aspect of his receiving game, he has an all-around solid skill set with good size and should continue to make plays. In short, he's had a good past two weeks.

But, we decided to surprise you with our winner this week. Michael Johnson had a monster game with six total tackles and three sacks. While his performance wasn't completely unsung with some praise being heaped on him for that performance this week, as well as winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Week, it still was a bit overlooked because of the 31 points and 434 total yards that the Bengals defense let up to rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and Co. Johnson does owe some thanks to fellow defensive end Carlos Dunlap, as he had himself a good game as well, and freed up No.93 to be able to terrorize the Redskins offense.

Who gets your vote for the week three "Unsung Hero of the Week" Award?