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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Release Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley (Again)

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Former Bengals wide receiver didn't have the Texas homecoming he was looking for this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

Let's recap.

The Cincinnati Bengals released wide receiver Jordan Shipley in mid-August this year when it became apparent that the team couldn't really use him; plus there were still concerns about the rehabilitation of his knee and since he practiced already, PUP wasn't an option. Not to mention the team drafting Marvin Jones, all-world quarterback Mohamed Sanu and the emergence of Andrew Hawkins, there just wasn't a spot for Shipley on this roster. Knowing what we know now, they were right.

Tampa Bay was awarded Shipley through waivers, but released him during final cuts on the final day in August. He reportedly worked out with the New York Giants before re-signing with Tampa Bay prior to the Buccaneers week three game against the Dallas Cowboys. Following his Texas homecoming (didn't play against Houston last year due to an ACL), Shipley was released following Dallas' 16-10 win over Tampa Bay. A game in which he fumbled/muffed a second-quarter punt that eventually led to a Cowboys field goal giving Dallas a 10-7 lead.

"One of the toughest things about this game is when you make a mistake like that," Shipley said. "I guess I just didn't look it in well enough. I know it got in front of me a bit."

But then Shipley is hardly to blame for Tampa Bay's (lack of) production. Between Josh Freeman's interception in the first quarter and their final possession of the game that ended with a field goal, the Buccaneers punted the football eight consecutive times. An offense that Shipley didn't participate during a single snap.