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Ed Hochuli To Officiate Cincinnati Bengals And Jacksonville Jaguars

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One of the most recognizable NFL officials will be in Jacksonville to officiate the Bengals/Jaguars game this weekend.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

The serenade of emotional applause permeated M&T Bank Stadium during Thursday night's Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens game. And we're referring to the insane hummings of a ten-year old White Stripes song. Before kickoff Thursday night fans applauded the returning regular officials, making their return after a three-game absence during negotiations between the NFL and NFLRA. And by the end of this weekend, it's entirely possible that officials will be recipients of praise throughout NFL stadiums this weekend.

Soak it in fellas. This will probably be the last time fans, players and coaches purposefully cheer you, the officials, throughout the duration of the eight-year contract. That's just the way of it. That's our relationship with you.

That being said the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars will have the most recognizable official in the NFL. Yep. That guy.

Per Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ed Hochuli will be officiating the game in Jacksonville. This weekend's officials between the Bengals/Jaguars:

Referee Ed Hochuli
Umpire Rich Hall
Head Linesman Mark Hittner
Line Judge Adrian Hill
Field Judge Craig Wrolstad
Side Judge Keith Washington
Back Judge Don Carey