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Cincinnati Bengals Rank No. 2 In Yards After The Catch

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Quarterback Andy Dalton is having a nice start during his sophomore season but he's not doing it alone. Much of his yard passing is coming on the elusiveness of his receivers surprising opponents with blazing speed.

Larry French - Getty Images

It's not a hard thing to imagine if you've watched the games this year. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Cincinnati Bengals sport one of the league's highest yards after reception totals, writes Geoff Hobson of Andrew Hawkins (172) sits 45 yards shy in to Percy Harvin's NFL leading 217 yards after catch and A.J. Green (107) is eighth among receivers.

Much of Hawkins' post reception production has come on two touchdown receptions in the past two weeks -- a 50-yard touchdown against Cleveland and a 59-yarder against the Washington Redskins.

But Hawkins and Green are hardly alone. Armon Binns generated his first touchdown on a 48-yard score against the Washington Redskins, recording the first touchdown in his young career with 3:37 remaining in the second quarter. After a quick ten-yard hitch, Binns avoided Josh Wilson's attempted tackle and sprinted down the sidelines nearly 40 yards for the touchdown.