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Cincinnati Bengals Waive TE Richard Quinn And Promote CB Chris Lewis-Harris

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The Cincinnati Bengals made a move on Saturday to help alleviate injury concerns in the secondary.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Saturday that they've signed cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris from the practice squad and waived tight end Richard Quinn. Quinn is the second tight end that the Bengals have released this week, following the departure of Donald Lee when the team needed a spot on the 53-man roster to sign defensive back Chris Crocker. That leaves ermaine Gresham and rookie Orson Charles as the remaining tight ends.

Lewis-Harris, a rookie out of Tennessee-Chattanooga, originally signed with the Bengals when the team needed training camp bodies after Dre Kirkpatrick's knee injury in late July and Nate Clements' slow recovery. However Lewis-Harris had an impressive preseason, playing all four games, logging 13 tackles and a quarterback sack. He didn't make final cuts and opened the season on the team's practice squad.

Obviously with Crocker and Lewis-Harris signing this week, it articulates the team's concern in the secondary. Dre Kirkpatrick is out this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars and may need until after the bye week before making his NFL debut. Jason Allen and Nate Clements are listed as doubtful this weekend and Leon Hall is questionable.

That being said it's entirely possible that Lee was released with the understanding that he'd return once the nature of Cincinnati's injury situation in the secondary has calmed down a bit. Same could apply with Quinn. After this weekend the Bengals could re-sign Quinn, waive Lewis-Harris and return him back to the practice squad.