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Jeff Faine Listed As Starting Center On Bengals First Regular Season Depth Chart; Lewis Confident

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Though there may be another move or two that the Bengals make before the regular season opener, the roster is mostly set. We expect to see Kyle Cook be added to Injured Reserve on Tuesday as the player who could return later in the season, so that would pave way for another addition to the roster. There have also been a rash of interesting cuts in the past two days because of waiver claims.

The man taking Cook's spot, Jeff Faine, is listed atop the team's depth chart as the starting center. This comes as a surprise to some, as Faine was signed off of the street shortly before the preseason finale and didn't get any game snaps. This lack of playing time could be cause for warning, along with Faine's poor Pro Football Focus grades from 2011.

Some also thought that Trevor Robinson's performance against the Colts in the preseason finale earned him a shot as the starter. Regardless, the Bengals went with who they felt was a bit more of a steady option at this point. Head Coach Marvin Lewis talked to the media on Monday about his feelings on Faine:

"Good athlete, aggressive guy. He was by far best option for us."

Short and sweet, but you get the point. Though Faine had a poor PFF grade for 2011, he does have a reputation as being a nasty player in the NFL. Hopefully that mean streak is still engrained in him and he'll man the spot adequately until Cook can return, if at all, this season.