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Former Bengals CB T.J. Heath To The Buffalo Bills Practice Squad

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At one point during training camp the Cincinnati Bengals were facing a relatively serious injury issue at cornerback. It forced the team to shift wide receiver Taveon Rogers to the secondary -- who ironically was moved the Injured Reserve before the first round of cuts. They also signed a camp body in cornerback T.J. Heath, who played five games with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011 after playing for Jacksonville State.

He was released by the Bengals during final cuts last week.

Fortunately Heath didn't stay unemployed for very long, signing onto the Buffalo Bills' practice squad.

Click on the jump for a chart of former Bengals players from the offseason roster currently on different teams.

Player Team Roster
Colin Cochart Dallas Cowboys 53-Man [Link]
Kashif Moore Indianapolis Colts Practice Squad [Link]
James Develin New England Patriots Practice Squad [Link]
Vaughn Meatoga Oakland Raiders Practice Squad [Link]
T.J. Heath Buffalo Bills Practice Squad