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Cincinnati Bengals Release Revised Depth Chart (Plus A Few Notes)

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The Cincinnati Bengals finally released an updated depth chart, containing only the players that survived the 53-man roster. A few notes:

  • Jeff Faine is promoted as the team's starting center (more on that later this afternoon).
  • Dennis Roland is the backup right tackle, as well as a backup left guard.
  • Trevor Robinson is the backup center, as well as the backup right guard. But we imagine that's just trivial semantics. There's no reason why he couldn't backup left guard if something were to happen.
  • Brandon Tate is listed as the No. 2 wide receiver, as well as the No. 1 punt and kick returner.
  • Donald Lee remains the backup tight end with Orson Charles predictably lifting the bronze medal.
  • Taylor Mays is the starting strong safety (not that it's any surprise), with Jeromy Miles backing him.
  • George Iloka is backing up Reggie Nelson at free safety.
  • The backup cornerbacks behind Leon Hall and Nate Clements respectively is Jason Allen and Terence Newman.
  • Along with being a third-team cornerback, Adam Jones is backing up Brandon Tate at punt returner.