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OPEN THREAD: Early Afternoon NFL Games

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While patiently waiting (yea, right) for the Bengals, there are a slate early afternoon games. Here's the open thread to talk about them and everything else.

Kent Nishimura - Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals kickoff at 4:05 PM (ET), so that means we have the RedZone channel to check out the early games. But if you don't and you live within the Cincinnati region, the early Fox game this week features the New York Jets hosting the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints at the Green Bay Packers for the late game. There is no early CBS game because CBS has a single-header and that game is the Bengals and Jaguars. Check out The 506 for games in your region.

Otherwise this will be the open thread until the Bengals kickoff later this afternoon. Our official game open thread will launch at 3:45 PM. (ET).